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We welcome applications to join Chambers from established practitioners of proven excellence. Applicants should be able to demonstrate a high standard of achievement in areas of law similar or complementary to those in which existing members practise.


Applicants will be assessed by reference to legal ability, intellectual and analytical skills, oral and written advocacy, motivation and independence, teamwork and interpersonal skills, and integrity.

Importantly, they will also need to show evidence of a successful, substantial and reasonably portable practice, which is likely to prove a good fit with the work done by existing members and accord with any plans which Chambers may have  for recruitment in particular areas (see below).


We are particularly interested in practitioners in the following areas: banking/finance, energy and civil fraud. We would also consider practitioners in other areas of Chambers’ expertise, including investment treaty arbitration, insolvency and international commercial arbitration.

Method of Application

We invite interested applicants to make contact via in the first instance. All enquires will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Formal applications should be made by completing the online application form.

Queries may be sent to our Recruitment Committee.

The Recruitment Committee will aim to consider and respond to applications within 2 weeks of receipt. Applicants may subsequently be asked to provide references and to attend one or more interviews.

We appreciate the sensitivities that surround such applications and ensure that we deal with them in the strictest of confidence.

Those needing to do a period of pupillage

Some established practitioners (e.g. some transferring solicitors) are required to undertake a shortened period of pupillage before they can practise as barristers.

Applications by such established practitioners for the shortened period of pupillage and/or tenancy may be made in the manner indicated above, i.e. by the online application form.

Please note, however, that we will generally expect applicants to have a significant track record as advocates. Transferring solicitors will at a minimum need to have been granted, by the BSB, exemption from the vocational stage of training and at least 6 months exemption from the professional stage (i.e. pupillage). The Recruitment Committee will require such exemptions to have been obtained before making any offer of pupillage.  In the absence of such exemptions you would need to apply for a 12-month pupillage via the pupillage gateway. Further, the Recruitment Committee may consider that to be the appropriate route even where exemptions have been obtained, so those applying to the Recruitment Committee may wish also to make contingent applications for mini-pupillage and for a 12-month pupillage through the pupillage gateway by the relevant deadlines.