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The recent decision in JSC BTA Bank v Khrapunov [2018] UKSC 19 confirms the power and range of the worldwide freezing order (“WFO”). The WFO claimant need not stop at obtaining quasi-criminal sanctions against those who breach or assist in the breach of a WFO. The WFO claimant can also... Read full »

In this Bulletin, Lawrence Akka QC and Henry Byam-Cook discuss Bitcoin as a currency or medium of exchange in trade. Recent headlines abound with stories about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These have been prompted to a large extent by their extreme volatility over the past 18 months. Further... Read full »

Malcolm Holmes QC has written this third 20 Essex Street Bulletin on the use of a fused process involving both arbitration and mediation to resolve an international commercial dispute that has been referred to arbitration. This note considers the possibility of a fused... Read full »

Monica Feria-Tinta and Simon Milnes have co-authoured an article for The Guardian on 21 February 2018 relating to a recent landmark ruling related to international law and the the environment. On 7 February 2018, an international court in Costa Rica – the Inter-American court of human rights... Read full »

This article, authored by Monica Feria-Tinta and Simon Milnes, was published in EJIL: Talk! on 26 February 2018. The article examines the just-released Advisory Opinion of the Inter-American Court on Environment and Human Rights. Read the full article on the EJIL website. Read full »

'The Strengthening Of Jurisdiction Agreements Following Brussels Reg (Recast) And The Impact of Brexit’ [2017] 8 JIBFL 476. This article considers the practicalities of commencing proceedings with a jurisdiction agreement under the EU Regulation 1215/2012 (the Brussels Regulation (... Read full »

Andrew Dinsmore has co-authored an article with Elizabeth Blackburn QC, titled “Joint insurance issues in The Ocean Victory: the roads not taken” in the Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Quarterly 2018, the citation for which is (2018) L.M.L.C.Q. 50. The article considers... Read full »

Inter-American Court of Human Rights issues Landmark Advisory Opinion on Environment and Human Rights In this article, Monica Feria-Tinta and Simon Milnes examine the just-released Advisory Opinion of the Inter-American Court on Environment and Human Rights. The decision... Read full »

Monica Feria-Tinta has joined the Legal Experts Advisory Panel to Fair Trial International, a specialist organisation funded by the European Union, which works to improve respect for fair trial rights, based on internationally-recognised human rights standards. The Legal Experts... Read full »

This article, titled 'The legal implications of cybersecurity breaches for financial institutions' was published in Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law in December 2017. Andrew Dinsmore co-authored this with Sir Richard Aikens. This article considers the... Read full »