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Litigating competition claims in SEA: The new El Dorado?

Since the 2015 creation of the ASEAN Economic Community, there is a plan to establish, amongst other things, “effective competition regimes” in all ASEAN Member States, more specifically via the ASEAN Competition Action Plan 2025. This has led to a flurry of new legislation in ASEAN countries and established regulators have been invigorated.

The crucial question for claimant litigators is whether any of the new regimes create a promising new centre for competition law damages claims. Sara Masters QC and Josephine Davies assessed the landscape in the 'Harbour View Summer 2018' published by Harbour Litigation Funding. The full publication can be found below.

Relevant members: 
Harbour View Summer 2018 Competition (R)evolution Print Version.pdf1.24 MB