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The Guide to Advocacy - Global Arbitration Review

Building on the popular first edition of 'The Guide to Advocacy' from Global Arbitration Review, the second edition of this practical book on how to be persuasive during international arbitration is as a useful tool for junior lawyers who wish to develop their advocacy skills, as well as a manual for civil trained lawyers who would like to feel more at ease with cross-examination. Chapters topics include, inter alia, written submissions, cross-examination, opening submissions and closing arguments.

This second edition delves deeper by exploring ‘Cultural Considerations in Advocacy’. These chapters are aimed at advocates who have groundings within a particular national or regional style who wish to know what adjustments to make when apperaing in the other international jurisdictions.

With extensive experience of practicing in front of numerous international arbitral institutions and having been based in Singapore in 2009/10 David Lewis QC has contributed the chapter on 'Cultural Considerations in Advocacy: The UK Perspective'.

If you would like to receive a PDF copy of David's chapter please contact the 20 Essex Street Marketing & Communications Team.

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