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Cybersecurity litigation: jurisdiction, applicable law and class actions

Andrew Dinsmore has published a further article in the Journal of International Banking and Financial Law entitled 'Cybersecurity litigation: jurisdiction, applicable law and class actions’, which considers the establishment of jurisdiction, the rules on applicable law to a cybersecurity action and the procedures for a Group Litigation Order (GLO). This builds on Andrew’s previous article on this topic in the JIBFL, (2017) 11 JIBFL 676,  which considered the potential liabilities of a financial institution following a breach of their cybersecurity software and the insurance recourses open to such a financial institution.

Andrew regularly appears in cybersecurity matters and recent instructions include obtaining Norwich Pharmacal Orders and Freezing Injunctions following breach of a client’s email domain. He will be speaking about GLOs and cybersecurity failures at the upcoming 20 Essex Street event Disruptive Developments: reality or hype?

Early this year, a team from 20 Essex Street obtained a freezing injunction from the High Court, which was known to be the first, against 'Persons Unknown'. Read the full article: 'Breaking new ground in fraud recovery claims'.

A copy of the JIBFL article is attached.

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