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Sanctions after Brexit: Monica Feria-Tinta and Alistair Wooder submit comments to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on the reform of sanctions legislation

The UK’s current system of economic sanctions is highly dependent on EU legislation. With Brexit, that will inevitably change. The FCO has therefore released a white paper making proposals for domestic sanctions legislation, and inviting experts to comment. Monica Feria-Tinta and Alistair Wooder have produced a paper contributing to the consultation (below). The key issues explored include (1) the standard of proof that should apply before a person can be placed on a sanctions list and (2) the procedural mechanism for the challenge of sanctions.

The paper will be of interest to our Public International Law, International Trade and Banking clients, for whom changes to sanctions legislation after Brexit will be a pressing issue.

Relevant members: 
Response to consultation paper as signed.pdf499.72 KB