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Nakul Dewan appointed to Senior Advocate

The Indian Supreme Court has appointed Nakul Dewan to Senior Advocate. Nakul is one of the youngest of the 37 lawyers to be awarded Senior Advocate (SA) status, and it is the first time in four years that any SA appointment has been made.  
The committee which carried out the Senior Advocate nomination process comprised of the Chief Justice of India, the two most senior judges of the Supreme Court of India, the Attorney General for India and a nominated member of the Bar. Candidates are assessed on suitability based on their reported and unreported judgments, specialised areas of practice, pro-bono work, with at least 10 years of standing as an advocate.
There are 420 advocates in total who are listed as SA of the Supreme Court of India.
Many congratulations to Nakul and all other newly appointed Senior Advocates.

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