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Monica Feria-Tinta to Appear as Amicus Curiae in Proceedings Before the Constitutional Court of Colombia

Monica Feria-Tinta is to appear as amicus curiae in proceedings before the Constitutional Court of Colombia. Her amicus curiae intervention is in connection with the Constitutional Court of Colombia’s examination of Acto Legislativo 1 of 4 April 2017, adopted by Congress, following the Peace Accords, which creates the legal framework for the transitional justice to prosecute serious human rights violations and crimes against humanity committed during the armed conflict in Colombia.

Monica was invited to submit an amicus curiae brief to the Court, as expert on the Law of Command Responsibility, to assess the compatibility of Article 24 (Command Responsibility) and Article 16 (Individual criminal responsibility for “aiding and abetting” by third parties), with international law binding on Colombia, including the Rome Statute. The Constitutional Court of Colombia is examining the Constitutionality of the legislation in question, including its consistency with Colombia’s international obligations under international humanitarian law, international human rights law and international criminal law.

Monica’s amicus curiae brief is endorsed by The Law Society of England and Wales, and two international non-governmental organisations. 

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