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Monica Feria-Tinta and Simon Milnes publish article in the Yearbook of International Environmental Law

Monica Feria -Tinta and Simon Milnes' article on "The Rise of Environmental Law in International Dispute Resolution" has been published in the Yearbook of International Environmental Law by Oxford University Press.

The article analyses the latest and potentially most significant decision in a series of high-profile international judicial rulings that acknowledge legal consequences for environmental harm.   The authors argue that this is not an isolated development, but rather, a reflection of an important current trend that they refer to as the rise of environmental law in international dispute resolution including in the areas of investment arbitration, law of the sea, and before courts of general jurisdiction, such as the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The piece was commended as "illuminating" by Lord Carnwath, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, in a recent speech.

Monica Feria-Tinta is a specialist in Public International Law and advises on legal issues across the full breadth of public international law including before ITLOS, ICJ, investment arbitration tribunals, and UN organs and regional human rights courts. She is currently advising on law of the sea matters before ITLOS and in two international environmental cases.   Prior to the bar, she worked at the International Court of Justice in The Hague and held academic positions.  She holds an LL.M in public international law (LSE), has been trained by the International Law Commission in all areas of international law under a UN Fellowship, and was awarded The Hague Academy Diploma in International Law under Prof. Pierre-Marie Dupuy.

Simon Milnes acts in both commercial and public international law matters, with a particular focus on environmental law. He is currently acting in matters relating to the Law of the Sea, international investment law, and environmental human rights. Simon was a co-author of an amicus brief and made oral submissions to the Inter-American Court on behalf of a human rights institute in relation to the Advisory Opinion discussed in the article.

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