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Kate Parlett publishes chapter in "Territorial Disputes in International Law"

Dr Kate Parlett has published a chapter entitled “State Conduct in Territorial Disputes beyond Effectivités: Recognition, Acquiescence, Renunciation, and Estoppel”, in a new Research Handbook on Territorial Disputes in International Law. 

A signifiant proportion of inter-State disputes that lead to litigation involve competing claims to sovereignty over territory, and in a large number of these cases, one State relies upon the conduct of another State to support its own claim to sovereignty, or to undermine the opposing State’s claim to sovereignty. Kate’s chapter deals with the question when a State’s conduct can be used as evidence of that State’s consent to transfer of territory, recognition of another State’s title to territory, relinquishment of a claim to it, or where it might give rise to estoppel. The chapter will be of particular interest to legal advisors to States and to practitioners called upon to advise on disputes relating to sovereignty over territory, as well as to companies that may have interests in areas where sovereignty over territory is disputed.

Kate specialises in public international law and international arbitration. She has been counsel in several cases before the International Court of Justice dealing with sovereignty disputes over land territory and maritime delimitation. She has also advised companies on their rights in the context of a pending boundary dispute, in particular companies in the energy sector that are engaged in exploration and exploitation of natural resources.

Territorial Disputes in International Law” is available here. 

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