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Gordon Nardell QC represents Bar on Brexit 'Mutual Market Access' working group

The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has sponsored a new working group designed to give a voice to the professional and business services (PBS) sector – including law, accountancy, and property professionals – as the Government prepares to negotiate a post-Brexit relationship with the EU.  20 Essex Street’s Gordon Nardell QC represents the Bar Council on the group.  The new group, known as the Mutual Market Access (MMA) working group, is examining the impacts of Brexit on the PBS sector and helping Government design workable market access arrangements covering mutual recognition of qualifications, cross-border service provision and visa-free travel.  Gordon, a former Chair of the Bar Council’s EU Law Committee, commented: “The UK legal professions generate significant EU export earnings in their own right, but their services also underpin UK-EU trade in other key areas such as manufacturing.  Members of the Bar are working with our colleagues in the Law Society and key law firms to make sure Government takes to the negotiating table innovative ideas to allow the PBS sector, in the EU27 as well as the UK, to continue its work as effectively as possible.”

Relevant members: