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20 Essex Street supports the International Lawyers for Africa scheme

Last week, 20 Essex Street were pleased to host Mikidadi Rashid from the Attorney General's Chambers in Tanzania as part of the International Lawyers for Africa (ILFA) scheme, supported by COMBAR. The training programme offers an opportunity for aspiring African lawyers to spend three months at a City law firm or in the legal department of a major commercial company.

The highly competitive programme attracts leading junior lawyers from across the continent who are committed to developing their skills in litigation and arbitration across various industry sectors. During their placement at a firm, they are all offered the chance to spend a week at a COMBAR chambers set. Past candidates who take up this opportunity are known to have particularly valued it as one of the most meaningful aspects of their stay in London.

The initiative supports the development of commercial legal practice and the rule of law in Africa and provides opportunities for building ties with lawyers in various African jurisdictions. 

During his placement in chambers Mikidadi Rashid sat with Monica Feria-Tinta, Tom Leary, Daniel Bovensiepen and Mark Tushingham

To find out more about 20 Essex Street's work relating to African jurisdictions please refer to the 20 Essex Street Emerging Markets brochure attached below.

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