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Insolvency and Company law

Members of 20 Essex Street Chambers are well known for their expertise in contentious and non-contentious restructurings (including schemes of arrangement), insolvency law and company law, spanning all business and industry sectors.

This expertise is applied not only to dealing with issues arising in a purely domestic setting, but also to issues that have a cross-border element or which involve an international or "off-shore" aspect.

In the context of restructurings and insolvency, members of 20 Essex Street regularly advise and represent insolvency office-holders, companies, creditors, shareholders and company directors (both in the UK and abroad) and have been heavily involved in many of the recent major restructurings and insolvencies including those involving: Lehman Brothers, MF Global, the Icelandic banks, the international freight and shipping markets, the retail and property sectors, Northern Rock, Woolworths, Enron, MyTravel, British Energy, TXU, Marconi, MG Rover, Cammell Laird, Cenargo, Barings, Railtrack, New Cap Reinsurance Corporation, Regent Inns, Madoff, Waterford Wedgwood, Federal Mogul, T&N and BCCI.

In addition, in this jurisdiction and overseas, the barristers at 20 Essex Street Chambers frequently advise and represent (both in Court and in arbitrations) shareholders, companies and company directors in relation to all facets of company law and all manner of corporate and commercial disputes (including shareholder disputes, disputes between joint venturers, claims against directors and more general inter-company commercial and business litigation).

Members of 20 Essex Street Chambers regularly speak at seminars and conferences on restructuring, insolvency and company law matters and are members of one or more of the following organisations: the Insolvency Lawyers Association, the Association of Business Recovery Professionals ("R3"), Insol International, the Chancery Bar Association and the Commercial Bar Association.

Members practising within this area: