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Dr Kate Parlett has published an article on the South China Sea dispute, in a special symposium issue of AJIL Unbound. The symposium addresses all aspects of the  South China Sea arbitration between China and the Philippines. The Arbitral Tribunal constituted under Annex VII of... Read full »

In this briefing, Tom Leary considers the Divisional Court’s recent Brexit judgment on the government’s power to give notice under Article 50 of the TEU for the United Kingdom to cease membership of the EU. KEY TAKEAWAYS The Divisional Court accepted both the primary and the secondary... Read full »

Penelope Nevill has authored a chapter on 'Sanctions and Commercial Law' exploring the legal effect of sanctions (imposed by the UN, the EU or unilaterally by States) in English commercial law. Their legal effect arises primarily through three devices used in sanctions legislation... Read full »

Monica Feria-Tinta asks 'What are the implications of the award in the South China Sea arbitration' in this piece published by the New Law Journal.     Read full »

Sara Masters QC and Belinda McRae have co-authored a chapter for the Journal of International Arbitration - Issue 33. SI Please find below an excerpt from the chapter (The full chapter is attached below).  As the dust begins to settle after the United Kingdom’s historic and to many... Read full »

Penelope Nevill has authored the chapter 'Sanctions and Commercial Law' in the book Economic Sanctions and International Law, edited by Matthew Happold and Paul Eden and published by Hart Publishing in October 2016.  The chapter explores the legal effect of sanctions in English... Read full »

The first decision in arbitration proceedings brought against Spain's renewable regime changes sheds some light on the energy charter treaty's application in the European Union. BY MÓNICA FERIA-TINTA AND GORDON NARDELL QC     Read full »

[Conference Paper, British Institute of International and Comparative Law, “Trade and Investment Post Brexit”, 12 September 2016]  Sir Daniel Bethlehem KCMG QC      Read full »

Monica Feria-Tinta looks into the wider questions that the recent South China Sea award raises and its possible impact. Looking back at the rare examples in international law in which States chose not to appear to participate in the proceedings Feria-Tinta addresses questions such as "What... Read full »