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Co-author of a work in Lloyd's of London Press Maritime Law Library series entitled "Voyage Charters" (LLP- 1993 and 2006). Read full »

London Maritime Arbitration (3rd Edition, Informa, 2009, Clare Ambrose and Karen Maxwell with Angharad Parry) Read full »

"Preliminary Issues in Arbitration Proceedings and the Need for Caution" (2002) 18 Const. L.J. 391. Read full »

Oliver on Free Movement of Goods in the European Union (5th Ed 2010) Hart Publishing. Read full »

Application of EC Law by National Courts: The Free Movement of Goods (Oxford University Press, 1998). Read full »

"Charterers' Orders - to obey or not to obey?"(TMLJ, volume 26, co-written with Nicholas Hamblen QC). Read full »

5th Edition (June 2001). Contributor, chapter on enforcement of competition rules in Member States. 3rd Edition and First Supplement to 3rd Edition. Contributor, chapters on distribution and intellectual property licensing. Read full »

Stephen Morris ~ Contributor, chapter on measures of inquiry (Sweet & Maxwell 1997). Read full »

‘House of Lords, judgment of 19 July 2006, Inntrepreneur Pub Co (CPC) and others v Crehan, [2006] UKHL 38; the abandonment of deference' (2007) Common Market Law Review 44(3), 817-836   Read full »

The Relationship between European Community Law and National Law: The Cases Volume 2, by Andrew Oppenheimer; A review' (2004) Yearbook of European Law 23(1) 440 Read full »