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Organised by the Singapore Chamber of Maritime ArbitrationAndrew Baker QC will present a talk on Arbitration and the Doctrine of Precedent in Singapore on 2 June 2014.

This talk will consider the nature of an arbitrator's obligation to decide cases in accordance with the law and its relationship to the formal doctrine of precedent in the English courts, where English law indeed governs the merits, examining the matter both from a theoretical perspective and also with an eye on the practical issues that arise.

Further details can be found in the attached flyer, or to book a space please email tammy [at] scma [dot] org [dot] sg (Tammy Tan).

SCMA Talk - AB.pdf

Tony Beswetherick provides a practical introduction to the Model Law and the effect of recognition of foreign insolvency proceedings in the UK.  He also considers the approach being adopted by the English courts to applications for permission to continue arbitration and other proceedings against companies which have entered an insolvency process in a foreign jurisdiction. 

A practical talk by Sara Masters QC and Michael Collett QC on how to avoid commonly encountered procedural pitfalls that may derail an arbitration.

For more details, or to register for this seminar (which takes place at Maxwell Chambers, Singapore on 12 March), visit the Maxwell Chambers Website.

Sir Bernard Rix, Sara Masters QC and Michael Collett QC have been invited by MOOGAS (Marine Offshore Oil and Gas Association) to participate in a mock maritime arbitration in Singapore on 7 March 2014. The mock arbitration follows a morning seminar from the World Bank and will be based on the famous case of a contested interim application for removal of an arbitrator (Tidewater Inc. El al v The Bolivian Republic of Venezuela 2010). Places are still available and further details (including how to register) can be found in the attached flyer.

In his talk entitled "Interest on and as Damages", Andrew Fulton considers the following:

  • General overview of the Court's powers to award interest under contract, in equity or pursuant to statute
  • Circumstances in which compound interest can be recovered
  • Relevant factors in the exercise of the Court's discretion under s 35A
  • Consideration of the House of Lords decision in Sempra Metals and its implications for pleading and proving an interest-based claim
  • Post-judgment interest in respect of sterling and non-sterling judgments

Sarah Tresman, Thomas Corby and Leonora Sagan examine the following issues in relation to War Risk Clauses:

  • The proper approach to the construction of WAR RISK clauses
  • Danger and risk under CONWARTIME (including a comparison of BIMCO War Risk clauses 2004 and 2013)
  • Who decides whether an area is dangerous and how?
  • Rights and Liberties under the Protective Clauses (Voywar 2004)
  • War Risks and Frustration
  • 2013 BIMCO War Risks and Piracy Clause: what has changed?

Cases considered within this talk include: The Triton Lark, The Product Star (No. 2), The Paiwan Wisdom, The Kanchenjung, The Evia (No. 2), and The Safeer.

On 17 June 2013, Duncan Matthews QC and Charlotte Tan, gave a talk to the London Solicitors Litigation Association entitled "Current thinking on piercing the corporate veil and obtaining relief against non-parties". The talk considered recent developments in the law on freezing injunctions against defendants and third parties as well as the law on piercing the corporate veil (including examination of the two very recent Supreme Court decisions in VTB v Nutritek and Petrodel v Prest).

Inaugural Proskauer Lecture on International Arbitration, 27 March 2013, New York

On 1 March 2012, David Owen QC, in association with The Maritime Law Association of Singapore, gave a talk on "Preparing and Presenting  a Case in Maritime Arbitration". The focus of this talk was on maritime arbitration from the perspective of an arbitrator and offered a practical guide on the most effective ways to present a maritime claim.